Cicily Andrews

Cicily Andrews primarily focuses on civil matters, with an emphasis in corporate disputes. She is very effective at reaching settlements through mediation, but also has an excellent trial record.


Customer Validation Process:


  • De-risk your product for launch through real world customer exposure.
  • Understand potential product issues related to launch (No launch surprises)


  • Assess customer satisfaction and NPS ratings prior to launch
  • Mine new product ideas and improvement suggestions 
  • Preview support demand and issues 

Real World Beta leverages passive monitoring to capture the nuances of your customer's experience with your product. 

Mark Stanley

Mark Stanley focuses on family law, including divorce, domestic disputes, orders of protection, and child custody. He is heavily active in his community as an advocate for abused spouses and children.

Sean Jones

Sean Jones focuses largely on criminal law. He served 10 years as an organized crime prosecutor in Nebraska. In private practice he has broadened his work to all areas of criminal law.

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